Who We Are

Our mission and vision is to proclaim the arrival of God’s Kingdom and work for measurable change among the lost and oppressed.


Evangelism and Mission is one of the three primary values of LifePark. It is Gospel-Centered, Holistic in Nature and LifeGroup led.

What We Do

As a community, we are committed to service; moving in response to human needs. Evangelism and Mission is about caring for what God cares about most.


It all begins with a conversation. The gospel of Jesus Christ is the most profound reality of life, and sharing it with someone can be as simple as three circles. Discover how you can share the gospel with anyone using this simple presentation. Watch the video for more information.



What are the foundations for the Christian life? What are the core principles upon which we can build a healthy spiritual life to successfully follow Jesus?

Foundations is a six-week class that will covers the basics of Christianity designed to equip us to better follow the example of Jesus in every area of life. We will examine subjects like:

  • what is the whole story of the bible?
  • what is salvation?
  • deepening our time with God.
  • how and where to begin serving others.
  • living as a Spirit-filled witness.

The class is designed for everyone who desires a stronger, more practical, and vibrant faith. Foundations will be a “hands-on” learning experience that will help us have a greater impact on our friends, family members, work colleagues, and the world. Foundations is for anyone who desires to respond to Jesus’ open invitation to, “Come and see…”


Welcome to the Acts 1:8 Campaign, where every believer is a witness of the power of the Gospel of Jesus!

Evangelism is the responsibility of every believer. There is no such thing as the “gift of evangelism,” rather, all Christians have the obligation, no rather, the privilege, to share the gospel. It is, and should be, on the heart of every believer to look for opportunities to share. That’s why we call people to lives of incarnational mission, showing and sharing the love of Jesus—personally—to a broken and lost world.

The Acts 1:8 Campaign is designed to help individuals and LifeGroups to live as Christians first in the natural rhythms and circles of their life.

What is Acts 1:8?

A six-week campaign designed to encourage every follower of Jesus to commit to the following four actions:

  1. Invite a person to LifePark Church for a weekend service.
  2. Pray for a person who does not know or is not walking with God.
  3. Ask a person if you may pray for them for a specific need or issue.
  4. Invite and host someone to your home or out for dinner and talk about LifePark’s influence in your life.


Associate Pastor, Missions & Evangelism
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